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Caprecon Ovee Foods Celebrating Children’s Day

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One of life’s moments of pure joy, for me, has been the chance, from time to time, to impact in some small ways, the education of not-so-well-off children, especially in rural settings. Under the auspices of Caprecon Foundation, of course. So International Children’s Day offered such an opportunity. To celebrate this auspicious day, we went to work in Chachi.


Chachi is a sleepy village, a breath away from the breathtaking and imposing Zuma Rock in Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria. My great source of joy was the cheerful disposition of the children as they received school bags given away by a team of volunteers, led by the charmingly kind and very hardworking Juliet. They did not stop there. They also had fun with the children, handing out snacks from our newly launched Caprecon Ovee food products. What a day it was.
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