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Maiden Contest

Caprecon International Development Foundation* wishes to announce her maiden contest, writers, poets, and artists are all invited to submit their entries in the comment section of this post. Deadline 31st May 2023.
Humanity, Let us paint vivid portraits of unity and diversity, Celebrating the essence of our shared adversity.
From the pages of our souls Empathy be unfolded, From awareness, true rapport stands.
*©Caprecon Cares*
Speak of humanity with every vibrant word. Join us at *Caprecon International Development Foundation*. Submission ranges from poetry, articles, photography, and other forms of visual arts, on the condition of originality. Poetry should be 12 lines max. Articles should be 150 words max while Graphics and photography must be
based on the theme ” Humanity”. All entries must be the original work of respondents. Winning entries will be featured on our website @ www.caprecon.org. And a certificate of Achievement and excellence will be awarded to all participants. *Participate* and let your words shine, as we explore the depths of what it means to Illuminate the beauty, the struggles, and the grace, In this ode to humanity, do make sure you leave an indelible trace. The world is waiting to hear from you. Good luck.

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