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Maiden Contest

Caprecon International Development Foundation* wishes to announce her maiden contest, writers, poets, and artists are all invited to submit their entries in the comment section of this post. Deadline 31st May 2023.
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Congratulations to all the participants!

It’s a pleasure to declare the results for our maiden contest on,” Humanity”.Congratulations to all the participants! Your unique voices have truly shined through, and we’re grateful for your captivating expressions. A heartfelt thank you to every entrant for contributing to a celebration of creativity and diversity in the world of poetry. I hereby present […]
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A smile, like a gentle breeze

A smile, like a gentle breeze on a summer’s day, has the power to take troubles away. In its presence, worries start to fade, and a sense of peace It’s a universal expression, understood by all, Across diverse cultures, big and small, a smile speaks volumes without any word, soothes the soul, every heart it […]
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Never Give Up

Learn to rise above your circumstances, embrace challenges, and never give up! Resilience is the key to achieving your dreams and overcoming any obstacles that come your way.
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