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Caprecon International Development Foundation, formerly known as Caprecon Development Consult, is a not-for-profit  dedicated to training and education, capacity building, advocacy, and consultancy services. 

Caprecon was founded in 2007 out of a vision to work with the most deprived and marginalized in the society and a desire to reach out to those affected by instability. natural disasters, environmental adversities, unbearable poverty and violent conflicts.

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Helping communities, helping people

Caprecon is built on the belief that every person has the right to design their own future. Through our initiatives, we provide them with the tools to do so.

The story of caprecon

Caprecon Development Foundation

Youth LEAD Fellowship Project

Dollin Holt Reading his Poem

Appreciation for Dollin Holt



Caprecon Foundation

Our Mission


Driving initiatives that inspire hope and dignity

We envisage a world of peaceful
coexistence within and between
communities everywhere; where
everyone lives in dignity.

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Latest News

IDP/Refugee camp in Abuja

I and the journalist, writer and human right activist, Phil Obaji, our anti-human TRAFFICKING activist, and associate member, Patrick, went to the New Kuchiguro IDP camp, Abuja, on a...

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Skills training and economic empowerment initiatives.

Growing up in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, I witnessed debilitating poverty around me. I was fortunate enough to attain primary and secondary education through the generosity of...

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Standing in solidarity with refugees and idps

We are living at a time of unmitigated human suffering and unimaginable population displacements, exemplified by the millions trapped in conflict zones; in extremely humiliating conditions, and the current...

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Philip Obaji Jr is a human rights campaigner and journalist

Philip Obaji Jr is a human rights campaigner and journalist, whose work on terrorism, human trafficking and child exploitation has appeared in numerous publications including Al Jazeera and The...

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Caprecon war against child abuse (waca) enters bayelsa

In keeping with its commitment to rid our communities of the menace of child abuse, Caprecon Internationa Development Foundation in partnership with Greatminds Organisation, has taken its message to...

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Report of the courtesy visit to ataoja school of science in regards to bunmi fakiyesi tuition fee payment.

In September 2018, Caprecon Intl Development Foundation sponsored the Nigeria Secondary School Essay Competition hosted by the Muse for World Peace Foundation. Following from promises made, Miss Bunmi Fakiyesi,...

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