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Caprecon International Development Foundation, formerly known as Caprecon Development Consult, is a not-for-profit  dedicated to training and education, capacity building, advocacy, and consultancy services.

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Our Causes

Helping communities , helping people.

Here’s what we’ve achieved with your support

Education for sustainable development

We aim to empower people to work their way out of poverty through education and training. Sadly, many children are denied education for reasons, including…

Community and rural development

We empower rural dwellers, especially women, to escape poverty and improve their standard of living through basic education, health care, small scale businesses, including farming…

Refugee care and humanitarian assistance

We aim to minimise the trauma suffered by refugees, IDPs as a result of violent conflicts, natural disasters, displacements, and other emergency situations.

Gender dignity and equality

In many parts of the world, female education is circumscribed by poverty, ignorance, conflict, cultural repression and restrictive traditions that inhibit women’s mobility. Join us…

We are dedicated to causes that, improve lives of communities.

Our Mission

Driving initiatives that inspire hope and dignity

We envisage a world of peaceful
coexistence within and between
communities everywhere; where
everyone lives in dignity.

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