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Caprecon war against child abuse (waca) enters bayelsa

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In keeping with its commitment to rid our communities of the menace of child abuse, Caprecon Internationa Development Foundation in partnership with Greatminds Organisation, has taken its message to the good people of Bayelsa State, South South Nigeria.

WACA (war against child abuse) is an ongoing sensitization campaign by the organisations mentioned above to ensure that the public is informed of the occurrence of child abuse, even in its most subtle form.

The event which took place at Riggs International Montessori in Bayelsa, was lead by Greatminds founder, Akor Joy Ene, who spoke extensively on the dangers of silence. According to Joy: ‘abuse doesn’t just happen, most often, there is always a warning sign. Children need to know when the signs are coming, and measures to take to prevent it.’

A very important observation at the event was the interest of the children in knowing how to report abusers. This showed that children should be given an enabling environment to SPEAK OUT and be safe.

We will continue in our efforts to speak and act against child abuse in all its forms. A big thank you to my wonderful team. Let’s do more.

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