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Poverty alleviation

Poverty alleviation

We support individuals and groups impoverished by systemic and institutional neglect to grow a new life and become self-reliant. We assist them to set up small scale businesses which enables them to send their children to school.

A majority of those trapped in poverty demonstrate courage and a determination to make their way in the world. What they require is support, and it doesn’t have to be huge and cumbersome. ‘In this life we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love.’

-Mother Theresa..


You can help in different ways as it suits you or your organisation, including the following:

By volunteering for Caprecon
By promoting Caprecon to your friends and well wishers
By joining Caprecon to help make the world a little better
By taking up and sponsoring a project on your own, on our behalf.
By giving whatever you can to help us carry out our programmes