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Poverty alleviation

Poverty alleviation We support individuals and groups impoverished by systemic and institutional neglect to grow a new life and become self-reliant. We assist them to set up small scale businesses which enables them to send their children to school. A majority of those trapped in poverty demonstrate courage and a determination to make their way […]
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Peace Building

Peace Building Conflict management, resolution and reconciliation can be arduous, but are not insurmountable, as the capacity to do so exist within communities. What is often lacking is empowerment, resulting from top-down outsider involvement. We aim to work with, and support communities in tension anywhere to prevent, mitigate or resolve crisis. We support them to […]
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Gender dignity and equality

Gender Dignity and Equality In many parts of the world, female education is circumscribed by poverty, ignorance, conflict, cultural repression and restrictive traditions that inhibit women’s mobility. Join us to change attitudes and break down barriers. Join us to turn the tide on this injustice. There may be times when we are powerless about injustice, […]
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Refugee care and humanitarian assistance

Refugee care and humanitarian assistance. We aim to minimise the trauma suffered by refugees, IDPs as a result of violent conflicts, natural disasters, displacements, and other emergency situations. Our volunteers complement the efforts of local providers with humanitarian and psychosocial assistance, to alleviate distress. And together, we rebuild lives.  Let a place be made for […]
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Community and rural development

Community and rural development We empower rural dwellers, especially women, to escape poverty and improve their standard of living through basic education, health care, small-scale businesses, including farming and other innovative community development projects.  Empower one and you empower all. Dollin Holt. You can help in different ways as it suits you or your organisation, […]
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Education for sustainable development

Education for sustainable development. We aim to empower people to work their way out of poverty through education and training. Sadly, many children are denied education for reasons, including chronic poverty and unrelenting violent conflicts which disrupt learning. Most children drop out of school to fend for themselves on the streets. They do hazardous jobs, […]
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