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Veronica Cato

Veronica Cato

My name is Veronica Cato. I graduated from a fashion college and secured my first job as a buyer with top fashion retailer/department store, Debenhams. After a few years with them, I moved over to Top Shop where I worked for several years, going to fashion shows in Paris, Frankfurt and other places.

I worked on exclusive fashion ranges, taking part in, and organising fashion shows. With my first child on the way, I left the fashion business as it would not be conducive for family life, considering the hours of work and numerous traveling. I joined the Department for Works in 1991 as an Adviser working with lone parents/single mothers to move close to the labour market.

My roles include signposting them to training, carrying out extensive job-searching and helping them in the transition from unemployment to work. I help those who are struggling with poverty and are in desperate situations; to overcome these barriers and be able to stand on their own feet. These are the qualities I am bringing to CDF in furtherance of its Poverty Alleviation ethos.’