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Kokwain Adamu

Kokwain Adamu

Kokwain Adamu is passionate about humanitarian works and volunteering in charity works in the aspect of serving. He is a software engineer and a graphic designer with professional background technics in content development and digital marketing

He has vast experience in the area of digital communication and web development. He also has experience in community development and missionary work with Churches in Africa. He is also a human rights advocator who tends to create awareness in the area of injustices and political marginalization across the African continent.

He is also passionate about investing in the abilities of humans to bring out the best from their talents, and he believes in political participation and voicing opinions with also serving people for the greater cause of humanity for desirable changes to happen..

He is also the director and founder of Ksqaured-Design, an online company that is into Web development, graphic design, digital marketing, branding, and rebranding. He is also the founder of SK-Voices Blog, which is a blog that advocates for the people of Southern Kaduna in Nigeria.

He is now focusing on networking and creating bridges across Africa, educating and supporting individuals and communities on different humanitarian projects like providing clean and assessable drinking water, schools, and recreational centers for sports.