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Halima Abdulazeez

Halima Abdulazeez is a multi-talented woman with a fascination for creativity and making a positive impact on the world. As a poet, her words flow like a river, capturing the beauty and complexity of life in breathtaking ways. Her poetry is a reflection of her background as a mother, a dreamer of a better world, and a lover of nature.

Her works have been published in anthologies like Snowflake Poetry, The African Drums, and international magazines and have also been translated into languages like Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic. She is a devoted learner, always seeking to expand her horizons in various fields. As a graphic designer, she uses her artistic eye to develop beautiful and impactful designs that communicate important messages.

Currently, Halima is pursuing her MSc in Organisational Behaviour, driven by her desire to understand how people and organizations can work together to build positive change. Her studies have given her a deep understanding of human behavior motivation, and leadership, which she applies to her work as a humanitarian. Halima brings a unique hybrid of creative, and analytical thinking to the table. She is an inspiration to those around her.