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Dollin Wilson-Ovaroh Holt

Dollin is a scholar, poet, storyteller, essayist, therapist and a humanitarian practitioner. His passion lies in helping those who are disenfranchised and disadvantaged everywhere, but focuses more on Africa, owing to his familial ties with the continent.

Over the years, Dollin has been involved in charity work, culminating in the creation of Caprecon International Development and Humanitarian Foundation; a helping organisation dedicated to education and training, and other humanitarian efforts..

Dollin and a team of volunteers work to help those who are deprived to support themselves. Working with local organisations in Africa, mostly in Nigeria and Ghana, Dollin and his team have been able to empower those disadvantaged to set up small businesses, earn an income, and be able to send their children to school.

Dollin graduated from the Universities of East London and Bedfordshire in England, and has gained post-graduate qualifications in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies (MA), International Human Rights Law (LLM), and an MA by Research in British Media Representation of African and African-Caribbean Immigrant Communities in post war Britain.

Dollin is widely traveled and lives in Luton, in the United Kingdom. He is currently working for the Department of Works and Pension. Dollin’s interests and hobbies include philosophy, theology, literature, poetry, reading, writing, storytelling for motivation, personal coaching, martial arts, jazz, world music, percussion-playing, painting, film, and drama.

Dollin is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA UK), Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) UK, and was a research fellow at Tom Lantos Institute, Budapest, Hungary. Dollin is currently studying online, and by research, for a doctoral degree in Christian Ministry and Counselling with West Coast Bible College and Seminary, Texas, USA.