Dollin is a scholar, poet, storyteller, essayist, therapist and a humanitarian practitioner. His passion lies in helping those who are disenfranchised and disadvantaged everywhere, but focuses more on Africa, owing to his familial ties with the continent.

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Veronica Cato

Board Member

Veronica graduated from a fashion college and secured her first job as a buyer with top fashion retailer/department store, Debenhams. After a few years with them, Veronica moved over to Top Shop where she worked for several years in different locations, including Paris. 

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Victor Okechukwu Chimezie

Victor is a community peacebuilder, social change facilitator and P/CVE expert with a commitment to creating awareness, building resilience and facilitating enabling environments to tackle insecurity in Africa and the world via empowering young minds to be able to contribute to creating a safer and a saner world.

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Caroline Brewton

Caroline is a specialist in Central American and Eastern European migration. Caroline led the largest migrant shelter in Mexico, and anti-trafficking teams in Moldova and Ukraine. She has managed security crises, unlawful detention, medical aid, and gender violence for over a thousand families, including with IRC and World Relief

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Victoria Ogwuche

Victoria Ogwuche graduated from Federal University of Makurdi with a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. She is an experienced farmer and business woman, specializing in food business. Victoria established Plate2Health freelance restaurant in Makurdi. 

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Kokwain Adamu

Kokwain Adamu is passionate about humanitarian works and volunteering in charity works in the aspect of serving. He is a software engineer and a graphic designer with professional background technics in content development and digital marketing.

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Philip Obaji Jr

Philip Obaji Jr is a human rights campaigner and journalist, whose work on terrorism, human trafficking and child exploitation has appeared in numerous publications including Al Jazeera and The Daily Beast.

He won the Future Awards Africa Prize in Education in 2014, and the Future Awards Africa Prize for Young Person of the Year in 2015. Obaji was listed among 100 most influential people in Nigeria in 2016 by popular Nigerian news website, YNaija.

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Rebecca Oke Prosper

My name is REBECCA OKE PROSPER, am 43yrs, married, blessed with 4 kids, I live and work here in Abuja. I have B.Sc in Business Administration, from University of Abuja. I have worked with legal professionals, financial institutions and finally in the hospitality industry. I have acquired lots trainings and seminars in these various institutions and industries one which am willing to train others. Am a very ambitious person, determined, with strong will, am very deligent when it comes to tasks, I keep going when others have given up.

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John Abu

John is a social engineer and development specialist who has dedicated the past 10 years exclusively to serving marginalized populations in Africa. He has built systems to protect orphans and vulnerable children, provide reproductive health services for adolescents and young adults, and expand treatment to adults with HIV/AIDS. John is a member of various government accountability mechanisms and is a fierce advocate of an open and inclusive government in Nigeria.

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